loveindia. in the nusery.

A great way to add some colour to your baby's nusery, throw a loveindia. quilt over the cot or on the back of an arm chair.

loveindia. in the livingroom.

loveindia. in the livingroom.

loveindia. in the bedroom.

loveindia. quilts are perfect for the end of your bed.


Baby blue, yellow and cream large floral print. 
Reverse in bright orange, with cream stitch detail.
Approx. measurements: L 223cm W 137cm
$199 + postage (SOLD)


Cream and orange small floral print, stripes of royal blue with cream, orange and yellow floral, and pink, green and yellow print. Reverse in apple green, cream, navy and orange.
Approx. measurements: L 210cm W 136cm
$199 + postage


Navy blue and orange print, red and white floral, a touch of pale blue, yellow and pink, and orange, cream and pink print.  Reverse in cream, pale pink and green.
Approx. measurements: L 215cm W 128cm
$199 + postage (SOLD)


Orange/pink, mustard and cream floral with black stitching. Reverse in mustard, cream and orange large floral print.
(Note: stain in corner - six dark purple spots)
Approx. measurements: L 204cm W 156cm
$199 + postage


Deep pink, green, mustard yellow and cream print. 
Reverse in navy blue, orange, light blue and cream floral and stripe.
Approx. measurements: L 216cm W 138cm
$199 + postage (SOLD)


Orange, navy blue and yellow print floral, with splashes of bright blue, as well as pink, orange and cream print. Reverse in cream, pink, orange and yellow.
Approx. measurements: L 221cm W 141cm
$199 + postage (SOLD)


Pink, orange, cream, yellow print. Reverse in navy, red and cream floral print.
Approx. measurements: L 219cm W 138cm
$199 + postage


Red/pink, navy, cream and mustard teardrop striped print. 
Reverse in dark purple, cream and lime green floral/polka dots.
Approx. measurements: L 212cm W 130cm
$199 + postage (SOLD)


Pale pink, lime green, orange and cream floral print. Reverse in bright blue.
Approx. measurements: L 202cm W 134cm
$199 + postage (SOLD)


Dark green and cream, and pink, yellow and cream floral print. 
Reverse in green, orange, deep pink and cream floral.
Approx. measurements: L 210cm W 132cm
$199 + postage (SOLD)


Pale purple, with pink and yellow floral print. Reverse in darker pink, yellow, cream and lime green.
Approx. measurements: L 214cm W 132cm
$199 + postage